Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good luck streak

I am having a streak of good luck.
I won three Quiltmaker magazines from entering the draw on Pat Sloan's blog - you can read about it here. Not just any magazines...the issues that have a Bonnie Hunter mystery inside! I already know what the mystery pattern ("Christmas lights") looks like because someone (Judy) has already finished hers and it looks spectacular, so I am motivated to sew it myself now that I have the pattern.
AND I won a quilt! I can hardly believe it, but it's true! I won the raffle draw on Andrea's blog - click here. The quilt had a long and difficult journey to Canada and this is how it arrived with the outside wrapping torn in many places.
But inside the parcel, the quilt was in perfect condition and my whole family loves it.  My daughter said "why can't you make nice quilts like this"?!? Ummm....I could, I said slowly, but I don't have a very good colour sense...I'll work on it! This is such a fabulous scrap quilt...there are so many different fabrics in those 9 patches and I can't stop looking at it! Here are my two favorite girls watching the olympics in this beautiful quilt.
Thanks so much Andrea!
And if that was not enough of a lucky streak, I have a quilt retreat coming up!


  1. Your daughter didn't make many brownie points for that comment, did she? And you let her sit with "your" quilt after she said that? That is very Lucky for you. Glad you will be making another one of Bonnie Hunter's quilts. I think you did a great job choosing colors for your "Double Delight".I have the magazines, but have to finish some UFO's before I can start another quilt.

  2. Wow, congratulations, two great giveaways. Your girls look comfy in your new quilt.

  3. OH, what a wonderful winning streak! The quilt is gorgeous!

  4. Woohoo - what a terrific win, Kathy. The quilt is lovely. Please tell your daughter that you heard through the blog grapevine that you do make fabulous quilts. LOL

  5. good for you! That quilt is beautiful.

  6. Wow what great wins, especially that quilt!! Ummm...what do you mean you don't have great color sense?? You make beautiful quilts!!!!