Saturday, January 03, 2009

Step #1 finished

I have been sewing like a fiend on Bonnie's mystery quilt blocks (Double Delight mystery). I had no idea these little suckers would take so long to finish! The sewing is easy, but it's the squaring up that takes so long and for the first time that I can ever remember, my wrists are aching after a day of sewing/cutting 120 blocks! I even replaced the blade in my rotary cutter thinking that I was working harder at cutting because of a dull blade.
Here is the result of all that labour!
The problem is that step #2 is more of the same block, with different
colours. So I decided that I will sew up the blocks but not do the
trimming until my wrists feel better. And I will just go on ahead to step #3...yes, I peeked, and we get to start sewing a different block using the pinks, which I am anxious to do!!


Julie said...

I like your colors! I remember the good old days when I could do everything and never have an ache or a pain. Now I get plenty of aches and pains. Sigh.

Sara said...

I have been doing these blocks in groups of ten--all the way through the final trimming. Would that help the sore hands...doing ten and then going back to the sewing on of triangles?

Jean said...

Those are going to make a great quilt. Will keep watching your progress.

Greenmare said...

120 blocks!!! aRRRRRR! you go ahead and rest your wrists, you don't want to be enticing carpel tunnel to your body! ouch

Annie said...

I haven't decided to do this mystery yet - I love your colors. I'll be watching to see how it all turns out!!

Sweet P said...

120 blocks and then more of the same? I hate trimming HSTs. I hope your wrist is better soon.