Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold and Hot

Cold is...the weather here. It was minus 20 degrees on my outdoor thermometer this morning (not to mention the windchill factor) and I am already tired of winter and being cold all the time! These photos were taken by the river at the end of our street but they were taken on the weekend when it wasn't as cold, and the river wasn't frozen over completely. On the right is one of my favorite views and the bench where I sit in the summer. It is such a relaxing place to sit when walking the river trail...just to rest and think, or chat with my kids when we take the dog for a long walk.

When the snow and ice weigh down the branches hanging near the water, the branches are frozen into the river, then when it warms up a little and the branches lift up again, you get these really cool effects that I call snow trays and ice trays. The trays eventually start to melt away, or will grow larger when it snows. When the trays get too large and heavy, the branches break off and float down the river. Neat, eh???!?

Hot is...the fun I am having making hot pads/pot holders with selvage edges. I have always tossed these in the garbage after I had enough to tie up my tomato plants in the summer. But after I borrowed this book from my guild library, I have been saving the selvages and making things with them...really lots of fun! This is the pot holder I made for one of my quilty friends for her birthday. I put a little ribbon (from a box of chocolates) on the corner to hang it. Check out Karen Griska's website here for the instructions and her fun blog here for even more ideas of things to make with the selvages.
** Hot Blog News**
I forgot to announce the winners of my recent giveaways.
Deb in New Zealand and Rose Marie in Toronto were the winners of the Trees on the Table "spot the mistake" contest on this blog. Their answers came in my email at the same time, so I sent them both a little gift.
And congratulations to the lucky winner of the baby quilt package celebrating my 300th blog entry (name drawn by my daughter)...and the winner is Julie, who is a frequent visitor to my blog. Send me your address Julie and I'll post your fabric this weekend. Or you can come over to my quilt studio next weekend to the baby quilt bee and we can sew together!!!
Anybody else want to join me on January 23rd (next Friday night) to make up this baby quilt??
See the details here.


Gina said...

Beautiful photos

love and hugs Gina xx

swooze said...

I love that hot pad!

Rhonda said...

Buuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrr! That is cold. And all that snow....WOW!

sewnut said...

I love the selvedges pot holder. I always forget to trim them off lengthwise before I cut across the width. ...and yes I do think about you when I look at all my piles of trimmings.It is your fault that I have 5 grocery sacks full of bits. What are you going to do about that K?

Jean said...

I am getting interested in the selvage projects, have saved a few so far. How wide do you usually cut them when cutting off?

BTW, you've been tagged! Check my blog for details!

Greenmare said...

I've heard about those selvage blocks, and up until now I rolled my eyes. but after seeing your potholder I think you have converted me. I'm going to start saving mine too! congratulations to your lucky lucky winners!! it's -15 today at my house, but the wind is stronger and the windchill is -37.

Diana S said...

you got me beat. I made it to minus 13 on my thermometer. what's up with all this cold!!

Robyn said...

Hey Kathy,thanks for visiting my blog. I am so jealous of the snow you have. We haven't had a good snow in probably 10 years or more =0( It sure is cold though.

Julie said...

Those snow trays are fascinating! Being a Deep South gal I never saw such a thing. I am so excited to have won your drawing! I wish I could come to sew with you - but there is the matter of distance. LOL.
I think I will dig some selvages out of the fabric-trash bag. What a cool thing to do with them!

Leanne said...

Sending you some warmth is was 33C here yesterday and looking to be as hot again today. Love your selvage pot holders.