Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mystery update

If you have sewn a Quiltville mystery before, you know how much sewing goes into each block! Here is one of my blocks from step #4. There are 49 pieces in this 9" block and you need 30 of these blocks, that's almost 1500 pieces I have already cut up and sewn together and that is only half of the blocks needed! (Thanks to Andrea for helping me with the math!!)
But it's a deep freeze here in the middle of our Great Canadian Winter, so what else are you going to do but make quilts?!?! Well, my husband and son are going skiing and snowboarding tomorrow, but not me...
I'll be staying warm, sewing more mystery blocks and working on my baby quilt. Anybody else want to come over and join in on the Baby Quilt Bee?? You can read about it in this post.
Here are all my step #4 blocks for the Double Delight mystery set together on my design board. Now I am finally working on step #5!


  1. Sorry to be anal Kathy but there are 49 pieces in each one - lol ! So you have done yourself down in the total. Funny I worked out mine today and it was a huge number even though my quilt will be slightly smaller.

  2. DD looks great! I like that you went out on a limb with colors! I am still on step three and have a way to go, but I am enjoying it!

  3. oh my gosh! I sort of feel more like a 4 patch block right now!!! ;-) It really looks great though!

  4. I love your colors. I'm not too sure about mine yet. I went with the same as Bonnie's but it is a stretch for me to have that cheddar in there. I may have to grow on me. Oh NO, I'm heavy enough now, I don't need anything else on these hips1
    Happy quilting.

  5. The quilt looks great

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  6. Wow Kathy. That block is fab! I know you are looking forward to time alone to sew...hehehehehehehe....good for you and happy sewing.
    Take care.

  7. I like your choice of colors for your Double Delight.

  8. i'm with the rest - wonderful colors!