Sunday, January 18, 2009

Out with the OLD... and in with the NEW

OLD mystery...
I have been forcing myself to do a little work on my Orange Crush mystery quilt each day. First I had to baste the quilt and while I was basting I was thinking about possible quilting ideas. I started by quilting in the seam lines around each block and can I tell you how boring that was?!?! It was extremely boring!
However, I must say that I have enjoyed looking out my window at the snow falling and trying to soak up any possible sunrays that might shine in the window. See how close the window is to my quilting table!
Then I started some free motion quilting in the orange blocks but the thread kept breaking. I have tried a number of combinations of needles and threads and have decided that the problem is the orange fabric. Perhaps because is a high weave fabric and/or maybe it has some kind of finish on it that is shredding the thread? So my final decision free motion quilting in the orange blocks! Now I am stalled and thinking about what I will do next. I do not want to do more stitch in the ditch, but after a day or two away from it, I might change my mind.
ON with the NEW mystery...
I have been working away on sewing the Double Delight mystery blocks a few at a time. It is mindless and meditative sewing and has been between fighting with quilting the Orange Crush. On the right are my 130 nine patch blocks from step #3 and on the left are all my blocks from steps 1 to 3 in a spinach salad box, which is great for block storage...thanks Louise!
Now onto step 4 and sewing all these pieces into blocks.


  1. Keep on plugging away on your OC, it will be worth it. I like mine a lot. I love all your little blocks, they are almost too cute to sew together there in their box. I think the DD is a really pretty quilt.

  2. I agree, they do look luscious in that container!

    I'm sure an idea will come to you eventually.

  3. That pink is so cute and perfect for Valentines!

  4. Don't force the quilting or you'll never enjoy it.
    I love the fabric combination of the other quilt

    Love and hugs Gina xx

  5. Hi there.....maybe a larger needle to help through the orange fabric would help. It almost sounds like the needle is small for the thread and when you go through the fabric is breaks. Just a thought. I've had some fabrics like that in the past and found I had to change size of the needle. Keep plugging away at it daily and soon you'll have a fun finish!

  6. Your OC looks great, I missed that one. Am still working on the OTR, myself. I can't wait to see how your DD comes out. It's looking good!!

  7. I love your storage system for Bonnies mystery quilt. What a great idea. Today I hope to start on step 3.

  8. I love your top 2 look hard at work!

    Your Orange Crush is beautiful.

  9. I love your Orange Crush quilt and can't wait to see it finished. Just keep plugging away - it's going to look spectacular.

    Perfect little storage box for your blocks - they look like sweet treats.