Thursday, January 29, 2009

Golden Heart Family

I have been to visit my brother this week. He has been very sick again, and because of his health conditions, he really suffers from the cold and flu viruses that are passed around in the cold weather (you can read about him here). I haven't done much quilting this week, but while he was sleeping, I finished another Capricorn Quilts block of the month. Yes, it's from last year's BOM series! I still have a couple more to stitch and then I have to decide on a setting for my blocks.
Bea is offering a new BOM series for 2009 called "Once Upon a Time" and the first block called 'Rapunzel' is posted. You will be amazed to hear that I am not starting this new project...because I am finishing the one from last year first!


Gina said...

I'm sorry that your briter is suffering in the cold weather. Only a few more weeks until Spring though, hopefully.

Love the block.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

sewnut said...

My brother also has great challenges, he had a kidney transplant in 94 (or was it 93 now?) and has not been able to do paid work in 18 years because of the side effects of his disease.
The biggest challenge is having hope.

J C said...

Hi Kathy. Just stopping by to say hello. Wondered if you are doing OWOH this year. I'm not, but lots of bloggers are. Take care and be well.