Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Orange Crushing

I have finally finished step #3 for the Orange Crush mystery. This step took me a long time, even though there were fewer units. First of all, I had to look at the photo to sew each and every piece together and make the mirrored units. In reading the other mystery quilt blogs, I was relieved to note that it seemed to be the same for lots of other quilters.
Secondly, my new sewing machine was doing the same thing it did when I strip pieced units from the first mystery. The beginning of every seam, on the underneath piece of fabric got bent over. So I had to unstitch the beginning of each seam and restitch just the first part of every unit. Luckily I realized this was happening before I had sewn them all! It I fed the units through the machine starting at the opposite end, it worked fine! I guess the beginning seam was too bulky? Anyway, they're done and I'm ready to start cutting into some yardage.


Amanda said...

How frustrating is that! I had much the same thing happening - either the first part got bent over, or it seemed to jam up in the machine. Either way it made for more work. Chain piecing really close together seemed to work as the ends of each piece seemed to overlap. Now I just have to be careful that the seams don't come unravelled.

Anonymous said...

You colours for the OC mystery are lokking great, mine are very scrappy.
Enjoy reading your blog


Rhonda said...

Good job with keeping up the mystery KATHY! What are your main colors?

Greenmare said...

step three looks like a Green Crush.
what flavor would THAT be? oh I know, silly me! Green apple!!!

MeganZ said...

I've had that problem too! Actually, Bonnie's whole leaders-enders thing is a huge help for that -- since you always feed a set of 2" squares at the beginning of every set of chain piecing, you're never putting a point through and if that bottom seam gets bent over it's not on one of your "real" blocks. Have you tried that?

I love your blocks!