Monday, May 26, 2008

Baby Quilt

Here are my friends, enjoying the company and the wonderful warm sunshine. It was probably the first time in 2008 that I have enjoyed the weather! I was blessed to work with these wonderful women in the 1990's and we have enjoyed getting together twice a year for many years. It's harder to organize the reunions now that Michelle lives in Michigan, but we make it a priority and enjoy each minute we spend together. I have actually been friends with Michelle (on the left) since 1987 when I was a grad student - wow that's 20 years! She has been through so much the last few years, having ongoing fertility issues and then breast cancer surgery and treatments...and now we are all so shocked and excited that she is being blessed with a miracle baby girl! You can read more about her here.

Here we are with the baby quilt, and Michelle's daughter Brooklyn. I suggested that the new baby be called "Hope Kathryn" but I think they are going with "Laura".

Now I am back to cleaning up my quilting area and getting organized to go to Quilt Canada in Newfoundland. You can read about the classes I am taking here. It hardly seems possible that this is coming up already!?! I have so much to do this week, and would love to have the time to sew step #5 of the Orange Crush mystery. I'll see how far the energy goes this week!

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Paul Sears said...

so wonderful that you all stay in touch like that. And what a blessing in the new baby.