Sunday, May 04, 2008

24th Anniversary Shop Hop

May 12th is our 24th wedding anniversary. I can't believe that is has been that long that we have been married, especially since I am just in my 30's - lol! We planned an overnight stay on friday night at a wonderful bed and breakfast using a gift certificate we received as a Christmas gift from my parents. When we were getting ready to leave I sweetly said that I had a great idea of something we could do on our way to the B & B. My husband said "let me guess - does it start with a Q?" !! How did he know?!? Well, of course I was trying to put a fast one over on him and sneak in a Quilt Shop Hop!! I explained that it was only 6 quick stops and they were "on our way" (not totally the truth!) and we could do 4 stops on our way there and 2 stops on our way home. And then I quickly told him about the book stores that I would drop him off at while I was in the quilt stores, and the quaint cafe that we would have lunch in. How did I come up with that idea on the spot?!? It wasn't like I had spent a lot of time plotting and hatching this plan! I guess that is where the 24 years of experience comes into play!
Here are the goodies I received on the Shop Hop. At each store I was given a strip of fabric - red, green yellow, and purples. At the last shop I received a tote bag pattern, batting and backing, and this adorable Needlework Diva panel. I can't wait to sew my new tote bag. Thanks to the shop owners for this treat - it certainly made my 24th anniversary memorable! And of course because I have been quilting so long, I was certain to met some Shop Hopping friends along the way and enjoyed some quick visits at almost every store. I'm so glad there was a good turnout - maybe the rainy, cold weather was helpful for attendance. You can see my finished project from the Spring Shop Hop 2007 by clicking here.
Of course I had to pick up a little something at each stop and here is a photo of some of my new supplies. I got two kits that were on sale - one is a baby quilt that I will make for a friend, and all the other stuff I bought were either fantastic prices (couldn't resist) or "necessary" to finish ongoing projects.
I only had one Shop Hop mishap...I dropped my Shop Hop passport into the freshly baked cherry pie we bought at the mennonite bakery! Oh my - I licked it off and tried to make sure it didn't stick onto any fabric! Thanks to Leslie for accepting my gooey cherry covered passport!


Amanda said...

Sounds like the perfect anniversary treat and embodied the success of a long lasting marriage - lots of goodies for you, plenty for your husband to do while feeling noble that he was indulging you, and fun together. Enjoy the next 24 years.

Julie said...

Happy Anniversary! I am soooo envious of your shop hop fun. I haven't been to an Atlanta area shop hop for several years and I really want to do it again. And that pie!! Yummy.

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

What a great way to spend your anniversary--or any day for that matter. Belated happy anniversary. The pie looks so good. I love cherry ie.

Julia said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Nothing like the relationship between hubby and wife after so many years of shared life experiences.

Greenmare said...

well it was probably the yummiest passport she saw all day! sounds like a fabulous time! congratulations on 24 years!

Sweet P said...

Happy Anniversary and how cool to fit a shop hop in at the same time. I like the Needlework Diva panel. It will make a cool tote bag.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

HI Kathy!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY on May 12! I will be married 34 years in October.

Where does the time go?

Thansk so much for the labyrinth web site--I've enjoyed it!

Have a great weekend!


Carole said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like the perfect time myself! Love shop hops! Happy quilting!