Sunday, May 25, 2008

Quilt Classes

I have finished the baby quilt just in time! I'll be leaving shortly for the reunion party. I will post photos later today since I want to include a photo of my friend with her quilt.
But here are the photos from my last 2 classes of the quilting year. The first one is from a fun class that I teach called "3 step". One of the students is missing, but here are the other 4 brave souls with one of the pieces they chose to work on. They were so creative and enthusiastic that it was pure joy to work with them.
And here are the mini quilts from the last monthly miniature class. I posted about my interest in the 60 degree angle quilts here

and here. I have finished one of my own ("Hazardous Materials") and have 4 other quilts in various stages of completion. It is lots of fun and I still think I want to make more. Of course I am thinking I could go even smaller on these pieces and have also hand pieced one of them. I'll post more on that another time, but look at these fantastic mini quilts! All made with the same technique...amazing!


Libby said...

Oh gosh how I enjoy those 60 degree quilts . . . I really want to make another round of them myself this summer. Oh yeah - and smaller is really, really fun *s*

Rose Marie said...

Love those little quilts and those 60 degree blocks would become quite addictive to make.