Friday, February 29, 2008

Retreat Report #2

The first project I planned to work on at retreat was my mystery quilt from Quiltville. When I arrived at the retreat I discovered that 3 other quilters were sewing the same mystery...small world! One quilter was assembling her blocks, and the other 2 were working on their piles of 9 patch blocks. It was fun to see their quilts developing and I hope it was encouraging for them to see my finished top.
I had already finished piecing the quilt top before the retreat and my goal was to cut and sew on the borders. I had a black and white fabric from my stash that I thought would make a fun inner border and I cut and pieced it so the sayings would be complete around the quilt...that took some figuring.
Then I cut the fabric for my outside border, which was my only stash fabric that was suitable colours and a large enough piece. But I came up a little short, so had to add in corner stones. Here is a close up of the corner borders. I might take those blue corners out and make them green if I can find enough pieces leftover. I really cleared out my greens and the black and whites from this mystery quilt! What do you think...should the blue corners stay or go?!?!


Gina said...

I think they should go. I think green would look good instead

love and hugs xxx

Sherry said...

I think the large blue squares are too intense. . .the blue in the quilt is in much smaller pieces so it doesn't show as much.

Would you consider appliquing large green squares onto the blue corner stones (instead of taking them off totally) so that you could get a look similar to what is in the body of the quilt?

Or perhaps putting a small 9 patch on top of it would tone the blue down to be more like the center of the quilt?

The quilt is beautiful though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy! I too think the green would look better ... or maybe hour glass blocks using both colours. Heard the retreat was great! jr from guelph

Anonymous said...

Let me start by saying glad to find out you didn't fall off the earth. A retreat, how fun.Barb said she enjoyed herself too. Glad to see you getting things done too like myself. I do think the blue is a bit bright, maybe a black and white patchwork would do the trick.Did you get any other projects done while you were there?I am definitely envious of you all,sewing uninterupted for 3 days,WOW!!!!

Ruthie said...

How about a blue square in a square using the border fabric for the outside triangles. It would mimic the orientation of the squares in the center.

The Calico Cat said...

Wow, I just saw the squashed up picture & had to come back for another look! Love it. (Well, your color choices...)