Friday, February 08, 2008

Quilt Whisperer

I went to my UFO meeting, which is now called the Friendship Group, since many of us don't actually finish very many UFO's! Our intentions are pure, but we also love to start new projects!! Anyway, I took a couple of things to show but ended up leaving the meeting with more bags than I had taken!
How does this always happen to me?? I'll tell you how.
Joan showed a pretty quilt top made for our guild's charity and she explained that no one had offered to quilt it. She even had the batting cut and the backing pieced. And that's when the trouble started...that quilt started whispering to me and giving me ideas of how to quilt it.
No one else seemed bothered by the whispers, so I started talking out loud about what the quilt was saying. Then I couldn't concentrate on the conversation in the room because that quilt kept whispering to me new ideas. I tried to shush the quilt, but to no avail. And before I knew it, I was taking that quilt home!
Oh brother...I have so many projects on the go and don't have time for this one! But it keeps on whispering and bugging me, so okay...I gave up and started to pin baste it. And all the while, this thing was telling me which pretty threads it would like (by the way, it prefers the varigated Sulky threads, which is a good thing because I love them too and have lots of selection!).
So, lest you think I have lost my mind, rent the movie "HorseWhisperer" and watch how Robert Redford communicates with the horses, and then you'll understand the problem/talent (?) that I seem to have with quilts!!
Better get going...I hear that quilt calling me!!!


Darlene said...

I completely understand! :-)

Enjoy quilting it - it's a true beauty.

Sweet P said...

I do understand. It seems the only fabric I buy is fabric that talks to me into the changing the pattern as I go along. Sometimes that can be frustrating, but most of the time it's a lot of fun.

Andrea said...

Good job it spoke to you - it is such a nice quilt. Have fun with it then tell it to shut up - LOL !

Latharia said...

I thought I was the only one who had this happen. Usually for me, though, it's the laundry that's talking to me. ;)

maggie said...

I know what you mean about things speaking to you but when it's laundry or any housework that's speaking I just ignore them. Now when fabric or a new quilt pattern speaks I sit up and listen. I guess this is what my mom used to call "selective hearing"

Have fun with the quilt,Kathy. It's very pretty.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Boy howdy - do I understand! I try not to tell my hubby that though - he already thinks I'm nuts ha ha

Jeanne said...

It's such a pretty quilt. I can understand you hearing whispers from it. Please post a picture of the quilt when you are finished.

Natalie said...

Kathy, we finally finished _The Quiltmaker's Gift_, and I've kept this page open (to show my daughter) for when we finished.

What a wonderful book - lovely illustrations, and a lesson that really, really resonates - so it was very exciting to come back over here and show her.

I'd love to learn to quilt (okay, I'd settle for learning how to sew, lol), and I can see now why you don't want to sell them.

Thanks so much for sharing; this was a nice bonus to the story!