Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is the day for the winners to be drawn for the One World - One Heart Event. I have picked the prize winners using the random number generator. Check this posting to see who my winners are. It was a lot of fun to participate in this event and although I didn't get around to see all 426 listed blogs, I did visit many of them and found lots of inspiration and "artist eye candy"!
On this Valentine's Day I hope to have some time to continue quilting the border of the comfort quilt. I decided to try what is called a "feather design" in the border, but when I am quilting it, I think of it as a "continuous hearts" design. It takes a lot of practise to get the loops the correct size to fill up the border space, and to have the heart edges look smooth and rounded. I didn't use a pattern to trace or sew on, just free motion quilting.
As I was quilting away, I was thinking about how this quilt really is a community gift of love. The fabric for the quilt was either donated to the guild and/or purchased with money that was raised by guild members for the purpose of making comfort quilts. You can read more about this guild project by clicking here. There were 8 women that worked on the planning, fabric cutting, and sewing together of this quilt top. The women were Joan, Marion, Judy, Mary, Lana, Marg, Anne and Bev. Then the top, batting and backing came to me and I will baste, quilt, and put the binding on. Then it will go to our local hospital where it will be given to a child who has been hospitalized on the Pediatric Sexual Assault Treatment Unit. I hope the child believes that there are wonderful, loving people in the world who made this quilt just for her and that we are sending her lots of loving, healing thoughts and wishes for a happy life.
And that's what Valentine's Day is about...celebrating love and spreading it around in our families and communities!
Happy Valentine's Day!


Jan said...

Your quilting is wonderful! Some child will love that quilt!

Andrea said...

That's a lovely posting. I too think a child somewhere will love it.

Libby said...

Your feathers look great . . . I have been practicing - hopefully I will achieve the lovely results like yours someday *s*

Diana S said...

Hi Kathy! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Your the winner in my first drawing for O W O H!!! I'll be sending you the pink set. Please email me your mailing address. my email is If you get it to me tomorrow, I can get it out by tomorrow night. I'm going out of town on Saturday, so it would have to wait until Tuesday otherwise. soooo huuurrrryyy!!! I'm so excited to send it to you. Congratulations! this was so much fun. and since I love quilting, I'll be back to visit your blog and see what your up to.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

HI Kathy!
I just e-mailed you, but I wanted to comment here also, and give you a BIG THANK YOU and HUGS for picking out my name for the beautiful pin in the OW-OH event! I'm thrilled!!
Your quilts are so beautiful - I'll be a happy visitor to your blog to see more.
Thanks so much!