Thursday, April 26, 2007

Quilting Companion

The stashbuster webring topic of the week is: let us meet your quilting companion.
I am blessed with many quilting friends with whom I have fun quilting adventures (check in on the weekend for a shop hop report) but my furry four-legged quilting friend is my favorite! This is my Shih Tzu dog Molly, who has been my quilting companion for 7 years. Everywhere I go in the house, she follows. She always wants to sit on my lap, but that doesn't work when I'm quilting, so we have an agreement that she can sit behind me while I sew! Don't look at the mess in my quilting area in this photo...just look at my adorable little Molly!

Here I am sewing a Strawberry Shortcake bag for my niece for Christmas, and there is Molly sitting right behind me. She has her own little bed in the sewing area, but she prefers to sit with me when I am sewing. If I am cutting or pressing, she will lay on her bed, but when I sit down to sew, she jumps up on the chair too. It is really not comfortable and I really should break her of this habit for the sake of my back (and I should also get a good chair) but she is just too cute!


swooze said...

Adorable! I wonder if you could make some sort of little platform off the back of the chair and she would agree to sit on that!

Greenmare said...

tooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!

Clare said...

She's so sweet and yes you do need to d something about the chair and your back! Thanks for the lovely comment.

MOLLY said...

That is just precious! I know very few people who have my name, but lots of animals! LOL