Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Miniature Ohio Stars

We've been having problems with our internet connection the last couple of days and it made me realize how dependent I am on this little machine! After 2 days of DH trying to fix it, I called the server tech this afternoon and within 1 minute it was working! I'll try not to say "I told you so" about asking for help...I know it's a male issue to only ask for help as a last resort and he can't help it! :)
I taught a mini quilt class yesterday (we were making little flower blocks) and here are the projects the students brought back from last month's class when we were making 3" Ohio Star blocks. You can see that two of the students didn't love making these blocks, so they made adorable little hotmats! Three of the quilters sewed their star blocks on-pointe, with setting squares in between, which gives a whole new look to the quilt. The top right quilt has the stars in black, with a varied background and a slightly modified block construction (eliminating one column between the stars) for another unique design. These women never cease to amaze me month after month...they take an idea and follow their creativity to wherever it takes them!


swooze said...

Thanks for sharing they are great! How small does a block have to be before it is considered miniature?

Darlene said...

Those miniature quilts are amazing! Such talent to produce those!

Jeanne said...

Love the miniature quilts! I think your students must be inspired by a great teacher.