Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Beading my fingers to the bone!

To keep from losing my mind while the children are sick, I have been doing some beading. I am sewing beads onto my hand painted fabric (Setacolor paints) in whatever design the paint seems to indicate. Here is a small section on the right.
It is very soothing and relaxing. I have also sewn a bit of embroidery floss in some places and found that I really enjoy that too! I work on it in between emptying throw up bowls, disinfecting everything in the house, and bringing fluids to my patients! It is starting to get a little painful now because with all the hand washing and disinfecting, my skin is getting quite irritated. But because I want to bead, I don't put on hand fingers get too slimy to grab the needle! The children better recover soon, or my skin will be worn right through!


Jeanne said...

Kathy, you must possess much patience to stitch all of those itty bitty beads. I hope your children get well soon. Hang in there!

Greenmare said...

oh man, from one mom to another, poor you!! It's awful when they are sick and I hope they are better soon!
Meanwhile your chicks are ADORABLE!!! and your beading is exquisite!!
I'm thinking about you!

Wendy said...

The beading is fantastic! I hope you kids get better and your fingers get a rest.