Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Westfield Heritage Village

On the weekend we took the children to Westfield Heritage Christmas. Everything was decorated as if the pioneer town was preparing for Christmas. In each of the old buildings there were people dressed up and talking to the visitors. Many professions were represented...doctors, welders, tailors, farmers, spinners, weavers, and even train conductors, but there were NO quilters to be seen! There were a few antique quilts on some of the beds, like this one, but no one was talking about how the pioneer women actually made the bedding for the family. I think that next year I should volunteer to be the quilter at the Westfield Village! I don't know if I could quilt by candlelight, but I sure could talk about quilting!
And talking about quilting....I taught my last quilt class of 2006 this week! These are the mini quilts that the students brought back to show us from last month's class. The two quilts on the right are still deciding what borders they would like. What a creative group of women they are...each quilter has added her own unique touches to these quilts!
I was busy this weekend quilting my last Christmas quilt. The only job left is to put the binding on, so I am close to being ready! I will post photos of my sibling quilts later in the week before I wrap them up. Now I just have to finish shopping, wrapping, baking, and have decided that I don't have enough time left for writing Christmas cards, so that's off my list!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Kathy that was a quick turn around. I had no idea you would have the pictures up already. I worked on my little minis yesterday at the Embroiderers group. Before going I had a new experience as I put on the borders--I sewed through my finger! I did not hit bone, just the side. It was not painful and I kept sewing. Then I started bleeding . . . and it didn't stop. After three bandages, all is well. So that will be my remembrance of these two little quilts. It was Christmas and I was rushing to finish. I think it's time to slow down. Have a good holiday, Marion