Saturday, December 23, 2006

Right on schedule

I have finished all my Christmas quilting, which means no late night binding for me on Christmas Eve! The quilt on the left is for my sister and her family. It is a Deb Kaffunger design and made of flannel (top and backing). I quilted it myself and it was one heavy and uncooperative pile to push through my sewing machine! I did very simple, straight quilting in the ditch, diagonal lines across the dark chains, and a bit of free motion quilting in the gold blocks.
The quilt on the right is for my brother and is also all flannel. It is another one of Deb Kaffunger's design and a very heavy quilt. (I think I have had my fill of flannel quilts for a while!!!) It was quilted for me by Lynne Tompkins and was hanging in our guild quilt show this past April. It has two errors in the block placements, which I didn't realize until it was quilted, so that's the way it is staying....which is ironic, because my family teases me about being "directionally impaired" and the quilt design is called "Directions"!
The third quilt on the left is for my little sister and her family, and is not flannel! Most of the fabric is from the "Atlantis" line of fabric by Makower. This design, called "Becky's Wisdom" was taught at the 2005 guild retreat by Vivienne Dawney and I quilted it at a retreat in 2006. The hardest part of this quilt was sewing the curved borders, but once you caught on to the technique, it went together quickly. I did some fun free motion quilting on this one, and had a great time with is a close up.
Each of these quilts is a twin size bed quilt, which some people might be surprised about, since I am more known for making miniature quilts. However, I just love the thought that the special people in my life are cuddling up in quilts that I have made especially for them. With each of these quilts, I knew who I was making them for, and each stitch was taken with loving thoughts of them and thankfulness for my relationship with them. I can't wait for Christmas to give these gifts to my brother and sisters!

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