Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas Preparations

On Sunday was our much anticipated, annual family outing to find our Christmas tree. Although this year was colder than usual, it was just as fun! We walked through the fields of trees in search of our perfect Christmas tree! Then we (I use the "royal" we here, actually my husband does all the work and I take pictures!) carry the tree to the farm office where they put it in a mesh bag and then we stuff it in our car trunk to bring it home. Every year we say it is the most beautiful tree and this year is no exception! Here is my husband relaxing in his Lazy Boy chair, by our decorated tree, covered in one of the first quilts I made from start to finish by myself. It is getting very worn and thin, but is still holding up. All of the 93 hearts are hand appliqued. I machine quilted in a simple grid horizontally and vertically, and then diagonally across the quarter square triangle blocks. I gave it to him many years ago as a quilt top, and after Christmas he helped me baste it on the dining room floor. That was my first and only time hand basting a quilt on a floor! And you can also see my wonderful dog Molly,who cuddles up with whoever has a quilt!
Our tree is always decorated in the tradition of my husband's family, with chocolate ornaments, straw stars, and crocheted stars made by hand by his Mom. When my children were younger we used to make popcorn strings for the tree, but now they think it is a waste of popcorn and would rather eat it than string it!

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