Thursday, December 14, 2006

Getting "carried away"!!!

How many beads can I buy with $50?? A handful!
That's right...I like the expensive ones! I went to my local bead store today to get a few more beads for a challenge quilt I must finish before Saturday, and got a little carried away!!

And speaking of getting carried creative children spent an evening with my parents and made this beautiful gingerbread house. They spent a long time making everything just right. My son added two special touches...he placed a family of paperdolls on the inside of the house for some reason, and decided the house needed a "welcome" sign. While he worked on those paper creations, my daughter worked on the actual house construction. Reportedly a great time was had by both the grandparents and the grandchildren!
Yesterday when I came home from work, guess what those lovely children were doing? This is what the house looks like now! They had eaten the candy off the house and ripped off half of the roof in the process! "What are you doing?" I ask (I may have screeched?), watching them as they continue to break off and eat the remaining candy. They didn't even act guilty!! "You didn't tell us we couldn't eat the candy"!
So now what am I supposed to do with this broken down gingerbread carcass??? Should I reconstruct with a glue gun and whip up more icing to add more candy?!?!

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Anonymous said...

Just eat the whole thing and enjoy it.