Sunday, December 03, 2006

More Student Quilts

I had another busy teaching day yesterday. We had a slow start to the class because the students had to make their way through the crowds that came to see the Christmas parade, which started at the same time as the was a very busy little town!
One of the students from my "Easy New York Beauty" class in October (see October 26th blog) brought in her finished miniature quilt to show me...isn't it wonderful? This was made by Sheila, from a bag of blue and white scraps she had purchased. I think she used the 2.5" block size, so the
little quilt is approx. 5" x 7.5". Besides doing a great job with the tiny piecing, she also was very creative with her embellishments, and this quilt just sparkles!
The morning students were finishing up their fall miniature projects with leaf blocks... they turned out great! Each person added their own unique touches, Annie's top was hand quilted, Sylvia's had a unique border treatment, Janet's had a tiny free floating folded border (some people call it flat piping) and Cindy was still thinking about her border, but had finished all the blocks. The tricky thing about this project was fabric selection, and mastering those small Half Square Triangle blocks, and they did great work! Sorry the photo didn't turn out well enough to post here.
The afternoon class worked on embellishing their painted pieces which they had quilted over the last month. Some were machine quilted and some were quilted by hand. There was a lot of creativity floating around in that room! Some quilters had no experience in painting, and some were beginner quilters, so they really did amazing work!

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