Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mystery Finished

I finished sewing the mystery quilt from the Quiltaholics website. Debby Kaffunger is the designer and she always writes wonderful directions and each quilt she designs is completely different. I have probably sewn 6 of her designs, although not all of them are finished quilts...a few are still UFO's. I realized that I hate to sew on the's boring and I have a strong urge to stop working on the quilt at that point. However, with this one, I ran out of fabric when I got to the last border. I bought expensive flannels (Northcott, etc) that shrunk to about 38 -39", instead of the regular width of fabric, which is approximately 42-44" . When you're working with large amounts, like with this quilt, that's a lot of fabric you don't have (5" less on each 2 1/2" strip). So now I have to go back to the quilt store in Stratford and buy more fabric. This is dangerous because we all know I won't just buy enough fabric to finish this quilt!!