Friday, October 20, 2006

A Busy Quilting Week!

I have had a very busy weeking having taught three quilting classes, given one lecture to a quilt guild, and driven over 10 hours, most of which were on highway 401, which means driving precariously, sandwiched between huge transport trucks.
This is the view I had last night, while speaking at the Oakville Quilters' Guild. A large audience full of attentive quilters, many of whom had brought handwork to do. I spoke about " Replenishing the Well: Quilting & Creativity", including obstacles or creativity blocks, and sources for inspiratio
n. I showed about 60 of my quilts and wallhangings. Here are some of the quilters viewing my quilts. I talked about the importance of filling up your well of creativity and working hard to find a balance between draining your well (thanks to Julia Cameron for teaching me this) in terms of the busyness of life and work, and taking care of others, versus filling up your well and taking care of yourself.
My favorite website about wellness and creativity is:
It was an interesting topic to speak about this week because I was so busy, and needed to listen to my own advice! So...this weekend I will take my own advice and make time to fill up my own well with activities that are energizing and life giving for me. I'll start that right after my on-call shift at my paying job! And after I throw in some laundry and get supper started and.......................