Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Small Community Fall Fairs

In addition to enjoying the fantastic weather at this time of year, another highlight of the season for me is the longstanding community tradition of Fall Fairs. If you live in Ontario, Canada you can click here to find the fairs closest to you. 
Give me some human flavoured taffy!
I'm not a big fan of attractions such as demolition derbies, or midway rides, or scary creatures like this one wandering the fair grounds! But I do enjoy the animal shows, and the beautiful exhibits of flowers, photography, crafts, baking, and antiques. My contribution to continuing the fall fair tradition is to maintain my fair judging certification and I try to judge at a few fairs every year. Also, for the fairs that I don't judge, I try to enter some of my photos and some quilts.

1st prize photo of Max!
My great delight this year so far has been winning the first prize ribbon at the Paris fair for "That Special Pet". Here is my photo of Granddog Max. 
He's special alright! 
Oh my goodness this little guy just makes me laugh! You wouldn't know it by this photo where he is trying to look like a fierce Santa, but he is so sweet and loving.

And he's not only just "special" to us, he beat out all these other special pets in the category. I couldn't even get all the entries in this photo, but let's just say the competition was stiff for our little Max! There were so many entries, they gave out double ribbons, so in truth he tied for first place.

These were my quilts that I entered in the fair last year. It's always fun to see ribbons on your quilts. Last year I had 3 hand quilted ribbon winners and I was tickled about that. I don't have as many finishes this year to enter, but there will be a few.
I encourage you to continue the tradition of attending community fall fairs. Get out there and find out what you enjoy the most!
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  1. Max is very his smile! Congrats on the ribbons. I have never entered a quilt in a fair.

  2. Congrats on your photo win! I have to admit, I don't think to look in the photo categories, but I will now! I wasn't sure on entering anything in the Fair this year, but I went yesterday to register.

  3. Congratulations on all your ribbons!! I just found out that some of my entries in our NC Mountain State Fair won a ribbon, and I'll show that soon. Just need to get out there and get some pics!

  4. I like some small fairs like this, I bypass the unsafe rides (my opinion!) and I do like to sample a little of the fair and look at the barns of crafts and animals. I did enter a quilt two times in this fair some years ago - and won a best of show and first place - but I haven't entered in years after I heard they had little security at our fair and several quilts were stole two years running.

  5. I always volunteer at our fair, too, but not as a judge--just helping out.
    That is a very sweet and funny photo of Max. Congrats on the ribbon. Hope you will share how your quilts do this year.

  6. Well Kathy. I can see why you got a 1st for your photo of Max at the Fair.

  7. i go to as many as I can. I really should have thought to enter a quilt - maybe next year!

  8. p.s. congrats on your pet and quilt ribbons!

  9. Love the Granddog! So cute. That creature at the food stand is hysterical too. I really enjoy the local fairs.

  10. Well done to both of you. Congratulations!! Max is very cute, but we should probably continue to let him think that he is very fierce :)

    Thank you so much for linking up on Wandering Camera.


  11. I love small town fairs, they had some great ones in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately the one in my town here in Missouri, was the worst fair I have ever seen!

  12. Congratulations on all those ribbons. I entered our village fair for the first time since moving here and won first prize in the handicrafts section with an Applique quilt and also the best in show rose bowl. So proud!