Thursday, September 01, 2016

Fall is Here!

Well, I know that the first official day of fall is September 22nd, but as soon as the calendar changes to September 1, fall has arrived as far as I'm concerned. It's my favourite season... comfortable cool weather, no humidity, beautiful fall colours to enjoy, and it's fall fair time! 

Here is the bag of quilts I delivered to the Paris Fall Fair yesterday. Small community fall fairs are a tradition that I hope will continue, and I enjoy contributing by entering my quilts and photographs in some local fairs, and by judging at other fairs.

To celebrate the start of the fall season I made this pumpkin block. I picked up the kit for this block at The Hobby Horse in the July Shop Hop. It was great fun to do some paper piecing again!

After the block was pieced I added just a bit of applique for the stem and leaves, and some hand embroidery to combine all of my favourite activities in one little block!
BTW, the quilt layouts for the July Shop Hop have now been posted on line so you can see what can be made from 14 quilt blocks. 

I didn't collect all the blocks, and there are a couple blocks that I picked up but likely won't make, so I'm thinking my quilt might become a table runner using 9 of the blocks.
Here are the first 4 blocks for my version of the July Shop Hop project.


  1. Great pumpkin block! Charlie Browm would be pleased!

  2. They would make a great table runner. Going to RCMP musical ride, so will check out quilts.

  3. Sweet pumpkin block! I love the gorgeous colors in the fall, but I just wish it didn't mean winter is around the corner :)

  4. I made a couple of my blocks and they were entries at my local fall fair. I also don't like some of those blocks...I will definitely pick and chose which ones I will make!

  5. how I wished Sept. 1 was like that here - still humid, still in the mid 80's at least, A/C on most of day and night, windows still shut against humidity - oh well that will all change gradually this month - we are to have a couple low humidity days for the weekend! so glad

  6. Beautiful Autumn blocks!
    Wonderful that you are submitting quilts in your local Fall Fair.

  7. When I saw your first photo I thought you might be "leaving on a jet plane", but thought it odd that you would want to advertise that you had quilts in your luggage. : ) I love the local fairs, too. Usually end up volunteering at them, and occasionally I have been known to enter something.
    You made that pumpkin block come alive. I can't imagine it without your little added touches. The two star blocks really talk to me, too.
    The first couple of shop hops I went on I collected every pattern. It has been 10 years since my first and I still have only used one of those block patterns. I learned my lesson and I no longer pick up the patterns. : ) You are very diligent doing as much as you do.

  8. I don't think I have anything to enter in the Fair this year, will have to wait for next year. Is there usually a good display at the Paris Fair....worthy of a trip out???

    1. I shouldn't have said "worthy". I know some Fairs don't have a lot of room for display and most of the quilts are folded in piles.

  9. That pumpkin is pretty cute! Yes, bring on the cooler weather, I say. I'm sure loving today!

  10. I love that pumpkin! Your hand applique just made it perfect.

  11. Very cute pumpkin! Fall's not here yet, though the weather has been cooler. Fall doesn't set in till about October here.