Monday, May 16, 2016

UFO on the design wall

Cube section removed

I have made slow and steady progress on this month's UFO. Truly, it has been very difficult, testing my patience and commitment to the goal. My seam ripper has been used more than the iron so far this week! This is the cube section that I removed last week
I wanted to sew it back into the quilt top, lightest side up.

Cube section reconnected at the top and bottom with a twist

After unstitching the cube section from the main quilt, I reinserted it incorrectly! AGAIN! 
This time I somehow created an origami kind of structure that did not in any way resemble a flat quilt! How is that even possible?!?
It doesn't matter how ...
I had to take the stitches out again.
Cube block back in place
The seams are not well matched, but many of them have been sewn 3 times and are starting to unravel (just like me!), so I've decided to just be okay with however it is now. Sometimes even when you try your best, you cannot make things/life/quilts be the way you prefer them to be.
So there it is.
I was tempted many times to toss this thing back into the UFO closet and work on something less stressful. But I reminded myself that this is exactly why this project was in the closet in the first place, and I can't keep doing that!

There was enough of the white to make a single row of triangles on both sides of the quilt. It looks like the size of the quilt will be around 53" x 62" which is the perfect size for a couch quilt. 
There is only one more seam to sew to join the two parts of the quilt together, and this will finally be a quilt top!
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  1. I can just imagine the look on your face when you saw your "origami"!!! Lol

  2. Sorry you are having this problem. When I get that upset I normally pass it on to a group that sews for charity. That way I feel happy again and the charity is not involved with my problem with the quilt. They are happy and happy.
    Kathleen Mary
    I blog at

  3. Just breathe! Just one straight seam to go and then quilting....
    This is a wonderful quilt, BTW!

  4. Ahh the joy of being a quilter. It seems when something starts to go array it continues until the beast is tackled. It looks like you have very successfully tackled yours.

  5. Way to go!! That is more perseverance than I would have!! :)

  6. you must just have a laugh at it. This has happened to me over the years too, you unpick stitches and put it back together exactly as it was and wonder how on earth did you do that - one time it was a small piece I got frustrated with it after second attempt went bad and tossed it in the trash and started over

  7. That is going to be SUCH a pretty quilt!!

  8. Whew! I'm glad that all got straightened out! I am impressed that you kept at it and made it work. I know if it was mine it would very likely be in the closet again. : )

  9. I love your almost flimsy! I am glad you decided to let it be... it looks AWESOME!! The whole thing is sooo cool :) You are able to do such precise piecing with that quilt top too! Kathi

  10. Very proud of you sticking with it! I have lots of UFO's in my closet for that very reason also. I want to be determined and courageous like you when I grow up LOL!!!

  11. Your perseverance paid off - it looks terrific!

  12. Thank you for letting me laugh with you. I've done similar things. You're right, after sewing back together the third time the project stays as is.

  13. It's a beautiful quilt. Congrats on sticking with it and dealing with all those challenges.