Thursday, May 19, 2016

Log Cabin Lunacy

Did you see Julie's post about log cabins? If not, click here to read it. She made a gorgeous scrap quilt with logs that finish at 1/2"!  I said to myself..."that Julie is so crazy", and then I remembered that I have done exactly the same thing!
AND not only that, it's a project I willingly adopted from "someone", who had already precut most of the pieces and then didn't want to sew it! 
Now who is the crazy one?!?!

This is the back of my log cabin quilt. That's a lot of hours of sewing and pressing right there.
Julie is going to have a "Log Cabin Lunacy" link up on the next full moon, which is May 21st, so I have decided to try to get my log cabin quilt top together by then.  I still really love it, and this is just the motivation I needed to get this top together. It's all organized and I just need to do a few more seams to get it done.
Want to join in the "Log Cabin Lunacy"? If you've been quilting for a while, I'm sure you have a log cabin project hanging around your UFO closet somewhere, and maybe even more than one!?!? Join us...the more, the merrier! 
**ooohhh did you see Crazy Mom Quilt's new scrappy log cabin project...YUM! Wish my scraps looked like that!


  1. Love the back, the colours work so well together.

  2. I like how yo layed you on point...great effect!

  3. Saw your Which Way T Go on the Quilty Pleasures Blog. Nice! The red background was a great choice.

  4. I can't wait to see progress on your log cabin. I don't have one in the works, nor do I have time to make one, but it's been a long time favorite block. I did see Julie's post about them though!

  5. Those are some mighty tiny logs there. Looking forward to seeing this one all finished. Good luck with your goal.

  6. That's such a pretty colour palette...