Friday, April 12, 2013

Good News?

Judy hosts a "Good News" linkup over at Patchwork Times, so on Thursday I wanted to post some good news, so I started a blog post:
"I get to quilt tonight, if I don't fall asleep first! I have everything ready...quilt is pieced, backing is pieced, batting is pieced, and the binding is even made."
Well, that was the start of yesterday's post and you can guess that I didn't quilt, or blog, or accomplish much of anything except chores and sleep. 
The weather has been terrible, and the robins are not happy about being here when the winter is still in full force! 
Where is spring?
Ice storms can look pretty, but are stressful to deal with. There are lots of trees down and power outages around this area.
Just look at my maple tree! All the buds are coated in ice and I am wondering if they will survive this winter? 

Tonight the agenda is quilting, quilting, and more quilting!


Deanna W said...

Those are pretty pics luckily we didn't get that weather...we got some freezing rain and already 6" of snow and more falling.I think it is pretty, covers up all the ick!!! I was hoping to sew today but have spent the morning baking instead and am now heading to the sewing room.Working on a 2nd baby quilt.I will try to put up pics this weekend.Take care.

scraphappy said...

Staying in and quilting sounds like much more fun than going outside in the ice. Have fun.

Janet O. said...

Oh, poor tree. Doesn't look real promising, does it?

Judy Dietrich said...

Oh I hope that tree survives the ice coating. Trees can be pretty tough when they need to be. At least it is standing and hopefully the weather will get warmer!! Please get warmer!! We have had rain and the other night got ping pong ball size hail. It got my car pretty good and we have to have the roof checked. It was laying on our lawn and it looked like it had snowed!!! And then the next morning it did. I am wondering when spring will show up. Maybe I should just ready for summer???

Cathy Tomm said...

Wow you really got the ice storm. We have a crap load of snow today. Wet slippery stuff. I plan to sew some today too.

Kate said...

We've had some monstrous ice storms in Oklahoma, but those are usually a December thing for us. Hope you've been able to deglaze things so you can get around safely.