Sunday, July 03, 2011

Scrappy Saturday

Happy Belated Canada Day to my Canadian readers and an early Happy 4th of July to my American readers! The weather here was glorious for the parade - sunny and warm, with a slight breeze. We enjoyed a picnic with 14 family members, followed by fireworks in the evening. I have done a lot of visiting, cooking, and dishes, but not much sewing. 
I did manage to finally get my yellow scraps sewn together for June's rainbow scrap challenge. I was happy with the amount of yellow scraps (cut into 1 1/2" strips) that were used up in this project. 
There were a lot of bias edges in these blocks and it sure was a challenge to get the seams to match up...a lot of pinning was essential. I have no idea how to finish the edges of the quilt top, and in fact I don't even know which way is up! 
I do know that it wants to be called "Hexagon Honeycomb"! My favorite fabrics are the bees, and the yellow flowers.

Now, which way does it go? 

Layout A is on the left....

Layout B is on the right...

Which way is up?
What is your vote?

The colour for this month is red, white and blue, and I have a great idea for using up really tiny scraps. Drop by Soscrappy to see what other people are making with their rainbow scraps this week.


  1. Oh, what a great idea. This has turned out really well

  2. those hexies. Either way is good.

  3. layout A that one bright fabric doesn't stand out as much , just mho!
    very nice!!!!!

  4. You will have a rainbow of quilts by the end of this challenge! I like both A and hard to decide! Belated Happy Canada Day to you too.

  5. Very nice! Love all the yellows. Dont know that I could choose between the two layouts. Both look great.

  6. I like both ways.....looks like you will HAVE to decide since I don't see a lot of votes one way or the other. As for finishing the edges...well how about facing it OR add it to your bead projects and do a blanket stitch/beaded edge.

    I see you were entertained by your Mom's favourite drum corp again this year! It's the shorts isn't it LOL

  7. This looks fabulous. I am fond of your bee fabric as well.

  8. I like the jagged edges to be top and bottom

  9. For some reason I like B best. Love the triangular edge on the vertical. Love the bee fabric.

  10. Happy late Canada day! for the record I like B, but it looks good both ways. The edge problem reminds me of a grandmothers flower garden, and the nicest looking finish I ever saw on one of those was when the quilter sewed a wide strip right sides together on the front and the pulled it to the back and appliqueed the edge to the backing. I hope you can picture that from my lousy description. I just remember how nice it looked and I thought that if I ever made on that is how I would finish it.

  11. Love this honeycomb! Very pretty. You could make setting triangles for the sides, the easiest way would be to take out your row stitching a couple of inches, then sewing a triangle to the end of each row, then sew the row back up. Or just cut it off straight.

  12. Jeez; you have been busy over the past week! Catching up on your blog is keeping me busy this AM :0)
    It's probably after-the-fact (specially seeing your quilting-muse at work lately), but I have a preference to B's layout.
    As for finishing the sides; didn't Quiltmaker have an article recently on how to finish up scalloped edges? I'm sure binding these edges would be very similar.
    Otherwise, I agree with Jean's idea of making small setting triangles to "straighten" those two edges.

    Anyway you do it, it's ADORABLE. Great scrap use.