Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quilting vs. Wilting!

It has been unbearably hot here this week and today is supposed to be record breaking temperatures, with a high of 38 ℃ (100 ) but with the humidity it will feel like 49 ℃ (120 ℉). I don't feel like quilting or's just too hot to sit under a quilt, or turn on the iron. I have been doing some cutting and fabric organizing, but mostly just trying to stay cool.
I did attend a little "goodbye" party for my quilty friend Shelly, who is moving away. We sure will miss her since she is one of those "gems" in life - someone who is always positive and encouraging, and although she does not like the spotlight, she has worked on guild committees for years, donating her time and talents. We had a "Fat Quarter shower" to enhance Shelly's stash before she moves away. We are already planning road trips to visit the quilt stores near her new home...and to visit her, of course!
Here is some quilty news that might help keep you cool...
C & T publishing are announcing a new Piece 'O Cake Designs book with Christmas projects and are having a book giveaway on their blog - click here and leave them a comment if you want to enter the draw.


Gari in AL said...

Kathy, I find that when it get's too hot to quilt, I get a glass of something cold and a good book. I sit in front of a fan (slight breeze), put my feet up and read. Very relaxing and the time just flies.

Barb said...

I am in Seattle right now and it is 61 degrees...cold...we had to go and buy a jacket for me.

Sorry about your friend moving.

Amy said...

I'm with ya on the humidity! If you've read my blog today, you'll already know that the humidity finally broke here (at least for today) :0) Soooooo much more bearable.
However, other than boating, quilting is actually a GREAT idea on hot/humid days; with the quilting room in the COOOOL basement, in a AC'd house....yup. Definite advice for anyone looking to restructure housing/room arrangements.

A Fat Quarter party---what a fun idea! Thanks for the quilty news, too.

Jean said...

Sorry about your friend moving, though it is nice to have new places to visit!

It has been really hot here too. Thank goodness for AC.

debbie @ happy little cottage said...

It is HOT and humid where I live, so I know the feeling of no ironing and not wanting a quilt on top of you!

I love the fat quarter party and your friend will definitely think of all of you when she quilts in her new home!

Helen in the UK said...

We've been hearing about the heatwave parts of the US is suffering in the news here. I'm not good with too much heat ... think I might melt!! Keep cool as much as you can :)