Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Be Forgiving?

I hate rabbits! My apologies to those of you who adore the little furry creatures, but this year I have declared war against the burgeoning population of neighbourhood rabbits. They have destroyed much of my garden and are able to figure out how to get through any type of barricade I have constructed so far. 
This is the first year that I have ever had a problem like this and obviously need to do a little research on how to keep rabbits out of a garden. You can see my lovely beans and peas from last year on  this blog post from Canada Day. And this is what was left of my beans at the beginning of the month this year, but now even those tiny leaves have been eaten and only tiny sticks remain. The beets, peas, beans, and even the green onions are absolutely gone...grrrrrr! Strangely, those rascally rabbits do not like my carrots (say what?!?!) and they haven't yet touched my red peppers, squash, zucchini, or tomatoes.  My husband likes to joke that "we likely won't make it through another winter with this level of garden produce"! I am having a lot more sympathy and compassion for Elmer Fudd these days! (I guess that reference probably dates me!)
When I'm not battling the rabbits, I am slowly working on the remaining blocks for my BeAttitudes quilt. In a bizarre bit of irony, I have just finished the embellishing of the "be forgiving" block #10 (does not apply to rabbits, of course). After working on it for about 5 hours this week, I am now half way done the applique on block #11 and have just sewn the base for block #12.
I was stalled temporarily when I ran out of black far I've used 800 metres of thread machine appliqueing these blocks, but I bought more thread and am ready to get to work again ...the end is near!!


floribunda said...

better not look at the header photo on my blog... I had a lot of fun watching the bunnies when I was on vacation a couple of weeks ago! I'm lucky enough to not have rabbits in my neighborhood, but the snails and slugs do plenty of damage to my veggie garden. So far this year, our weird weather seems to have kept them at bay.

Libby said...

Oh how I feel your pain. I remember my epic battles with the squirrels in my gardens past. While I have no garden this year, I recently discovered a peach tree *be still my heart* Last night I went to check the fruit only to find that birds are feasting on the not-quite-ripe fruit *curses* I wouldn't mind sharing some of the bounty, but vermin whether furry or feathered just never seem to grasp the concept.

Janet O. said...

Living in the country, I have experienced a multitude of critters visiting the garden. People's animals are always getting loose--piglets, chickens, rabbits, horses, cows, miniature goats--but none of them on a regular basis. The most maddening to me are the skunks and raccoons who insist on harvesting the corn just before it is ripe each year. We have tried everything. I can relate to your frustration!

Ellen said...

The rabbits that visit us not only eat our beans but they also eat our raspberry bushes!

Jeanne said...

Kathy, our broccoli plants look like your photo. They also killed my burning bush and tried to murder my pussy willow. They look so cute hopping around, but they need to stay out of my plants and bushes. :-) Love your beattitudes.

Del Soden said...

love the banner picture. Soon as I saw it I said "Yummy"

I hate rabbits too.
Not necessary in Australia. Keeping one as a pet should be illegal and so should having carp in a fish pond.

Butterfly George said...

And I thought I was the only one struggling with "bunnies" ugh...I have a huge garden and with work slow for my hubby here we depend on the garden. But this year and last has been more challenging than ever. No solutions here either between too much rain or heat and critters I think we will be dieting for sure!! lol Can't wait to see your finished quilt.

Anonymous said...

One of the little bunnies that was recently on my posts because they were new babies and so cute have not pleased me so much. Yesterday I saw it fell a flower stalk on one of my hostas. Naughty little bunny.
The quilt is going to be so nice. Looks like a big project that will be worth the effort. :)

Elly D said...

Ooopsy.... I have 4 bunnies :-/ but they don't eat my garden, the snails do that all on their own. Totally shredding my hostas. If you live in the country and need to bunny proof can I suggest a large rabbit proof wired enclosure (not chicken wire). Put over ground too and build raised beds on top of the wired ground. Bunnies will have a job getting in.
Is there a shortage of countryside vegetation where you are... maybe too dry or something? Hmmm..
Oh Love your design wall.. some yummy looking projects on there particularly the hexagon one. ;)