Saturday, September 04, 2010

Beading Crossed Canoes

Remember this mini quilt that I made in June? The crossed canoes inspiration originally came from this quilt that I saw on Laura's blog.
I loved it so much I made it in 2 purple one has 1 3/4" canoe blocks (with the 4 sections) and then I made a teal one with 3" (finished) blocks.
But I lost one of the blocks (see this post) and put the project away. This week when I was cleaning (yuck!) I found the lost block (yahoo... the cleaning was worth it!) and decided to finish up this little quilt. And besides, I was stuck on this quilt. I just can't decide how to quilt the borders, so I procrastinated by finishing the canoe mini.
I put these blocks on pointe and then quilted it in the ditch with my walking foot.
The first photo show the proper colouring of the blocks.

Then I did some free motion quilting in the corners...this second photo shows the quilting better, but the colours are washed out.

Once I got the binding on and the quilt was finished, I thought it was a little blah, so I decided to sparkle it up with a bit of beading. Part of the fun for me is visiting with my beads, remembering where I bought those beads, laying out lots of possibilities and deciding what I like best.

In addition to the fun, I also had 2 problems.
When I am beading along and having a great time, I sometimes forget to check the threads on the quilt top as I go, and I sometimes get these little loops from thread knots that result in the beads not being securely attached. So I had to go back and rethread the beads on that block.
Also, I am very hard on needles and always bend a couple when I'm beading quilts or hand quilting.
This is my bent needle jar...see how many I have ruined?!?   Do you have any recommendations for a needle that would stand up to my heavy touch with beading quilts??

I just did a little beading on these blocks so that I would like the finished product a little more.
Another finished quilt!


Susan said...

Your quilt is delightful.

Sometimes I use a 26 cross stitch needle when attaching beads. It will go through most holes and has more strength.

Deb Robertson Writes said...

Kathy do you have a jar for everything? I can't believe you keep bent needles... you are such a sweetie. I'm glad I read your blog you are so full of suprises!! Love the beading by the way it's fantastic.

Karen said...

Tiny pieces! I have not done any beading on a quilt but it sure does bring a sparkle to one.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Cute little quilt! I had to giggle about the bent needle jar though! ;-)

Diane said...

that's amazing how tiny that little quilt is, it's adorable. I have no suggestions for beading needles.

Gina said...

Gorgeoues Quilt

Love and hugs GIna xxx

Jean said...

Very sweet. Is every section of the 4 patch block 1 3/4" or the 4 section block is 1 3/4"? Either way it is way too tiny, but I love it!