Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This week's activities

This week I am doing lots of leaf peeping...admiring the beautiful fall colours everywhere I go. It's my favorite season BY FAR, and it always passes by too fast to soak up enough enjoyment for my liking. The winter will be here before we know it!
I am organizing some quilting classes for the fall (email me if you want to sign up for the mini quilt club) and I'm pulling together a giveaway for a fall giveaway blog hop coming up at the end of the week...see Debi's blog for the details.

And it seems like I am always cooking and serving lunches and snacks these days. It's amazing how much teenage boys can eat and still feel "hungry". But I love that my kids have always brought over lots of friends to the house and piled them in their small bedrooms at lunch time and after school to "hang out".  I never complain about the mess or the noise or the food demands because I love having them here... I'd rather know where they are, who they are with, and what they're up to! Here are the shoes on the mud room floor from the lunch visitors today. I should have put one of my shoes beside so you could see just how big these shoes actually are!
And I'm madly trying to finish up a quilt for my DH's cousin's wedding this weekend. Why did I give myself so much time to finish, you ask sarcastically?!? LOL I couldn't settle on the decision. A quilt was the perfect gift for these 39 year olds (never been married before) who have everything they need for setting up their new home together and I had planned to give them this quilt for a gift. But it just wasn't feeling right. After seeing the bride's home, I thought they would prefer a quilt with darker colours,  and remembered this UFO. Finally I felt more settled on the quilt choice and was motivated to finish it, which will hopefully happen before Saturday! I put on the borders (yes...I procrastinated that step!) pieced a backing from 12 fat quarters in my stash, and finished the pin basting last to quilt.
PS...if my UFO group members are reading, this quilt is the 5th in my UFO pile that I promised to finish this year - click here to see the pile.


Cathi said...

What an absolutely gorgeous picture of that tree!! THe colours in it are stunning!

Candace said...

Thank goodness the object on your lovely quilt is a tool. When I saw the picture I was expecting an article on how someone put their cigar on your quilt, lol.
Sometimes our quilts don't get the respect they deserve, but that would have been ridiculous.

Candace said...

PS It's early and my eyes haven't focused yet.

Julie in the Barn said...

The fall trees are just gorgeous. And the gift quilt....same kind of colors. My favorites. It too is stunning.

Judy D in WA said...

Hope you are finished with the those colors! They will treasure it for sure.
The shoes bring back fond memories. I couldn't keep bread and peanut butter in the house. Son and his friends always knew there would be food here. :) Miss those guys!

LuAnn said...

Your fall photo is beautiful. Our trees here are not turning nearly as fast as usual. Love your Design Wall Monday quilt.