Saturday, September 11, 2010


Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions on how to get my #1 UFO finished. (You can read the ideas in the comments posted to this blog entry.)
This week I attended the first meeting of the season for my UFO small group meeting (from my guild) and got re-energized to get to work on a pile of my UFO's. I found a few "new" UFO's to work on that aren't on the list to the right on my blog, so I'll have to update that.
I finished piecing block #8 on my Journey of a Quilter project, which means I only have 1 more block to piece for this quilt! It feels like a light at the end of the project tunnel!

And I have been working on some of the hand stitching for block #7.
This is the stitchery I just finished, which is appropriate for today...September 11th. I will spend some time reflecting on the events of that day 9 years ago.
I will also be attending a surprise 25th anniversary party for my sister-in-law and her husband, where we will reflect on and celebrate their life together.
And if that is not a busy enough day, I'll be attending the Open House at Triangle Sewing from 10 -2. Come on by and see the fall class samples, and enjoy some great food. I'll be working on finishing up block #7...woohoo!


Thelma said...

Sometimes, I get so busy trying to get through my day, I don't stop and reflect on anything. Thanks for reminding me to stop and think! Think about my quilting, my family, my life!

I hope your weekend turns out as great as it sounds.

Mary Lou Casada said...

Oh doesn't it feel good to see progress! And having an event or memory to tie to making that block will help make the project more precious to you. I know after a project has languished in the closet for a while, I lose what inspired me. Hope you are finding your muse for this and your other UFO's! :-D