Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Sampler #3

If you have offspring who are attending (or have attended in the past) university, and are living in residence, you know what this picture's back to school week for the beginning of a new semester. This means the parents are hauling all the kid's belongings back to dorm.
And then there is the panic around submission of fees, which we now have learned requires that 3 of you spend an entire evening crowded around at least 2 computers while you complete the "quick and easy registration"!
Since it was such a busy week around here, I decided to make a "quick and easy" block for my sampler quilt. But unlike the on-line registration, this truly was quick and easy!
I made a block called "Four Square" from Amy's BOM on her blog - click here to see the pattern.


  1. Love the block, Kathy. When I see 'quick & easy' on a form I know it'll take more time than it should. LOL

  2. My Girl went back two fridays ago and thankfully her fees were paid before the holidays.They do come home with lots of laundry, I am sure she showed me the laundry facilities at the res.Oh well....glad to have them home,when do they go back to school!!!!

  3. Great looking block! Golly! I can't wait to see the sampler completed with all those pinks and chocolates!

  4. Love that block...very pretty Kathy!!

  5. I so empathize with the experience of the "quick and easy registration". Happily for us, DS has completed his degree requirements and has moved back to Ontario and is looking after his own laundry :)

    PS. The block is quite snazzy