Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quilting finish

In November I showed a couple of photos of starting to machine quilt a quilt for a friend - click here to see that blog post.  This quilt top was made to donate to the charity that our guild supports and it just needed some quilting. We often find in our guild that there are lots of quilt tops waiting for quilting...but I think it's a great way to practise and improve your skills.
I decided to practise different types of feather designs, and at the beginning I was really happy that my quilting could not be seen...all the better to practise on without fear, right??
But as I went along, and I started to feel like the quilting was turning out even better than I had hoped,  I was kind of sad that all that work could not be seen :(
I had a little trouble on the outside border when my machine started snapping the thread for no apparent reason. So I tried slowing down for a while which only tried my patience, and then I gave it a little TLC, re-threaded the top and bobbin threads, added a little oil, gave it a little massage, and some encouraging words and voila...back in business! (I'm joking about the massage!)
If I manipulate the exposure and contrast settings of a photo of the back of the quilt, maybe the quilting can be seen a little better?
Anyway, it was fun and I improved my confidence...what more could I ask for?!?
Coincidentally, I love the art quote of the day on my blog page today...
"Regard it as just as desirable to build a chicken house (charity quilt) as to build a cathedral (quilt show entry)."
Frank Lloyd Wright 


  1. I love the quote. That's one thing that's always bothered me about donation quilts... quilters who make ugly quilts and charitably give them to the needy. Even if we use "not so pretty" fabric, we should try to use it to the best of our ability.

  2. I can see your quilting and it's beautiful. I would be so very proud if I could machine quilt like that!

  3. the quilting looks great! I love looking at the back of quilts as much as the front!

  4. I love the quote and I love the quilting. You have made a mind-blowingly amazing job of that one :) Very impressive xxx

  5. The quilting is great, so rhythmic.

    I don't loke it when people say a fabric or top is a bit weird or ugly and then in the next breath they say it could just be donated to a charity project.
    I want to make everything nice, even if I am jsut learning.
    I think that is how our work has heart.

  6. Hi Kathy ... I like the quilt top (guess I should because I made it) and I love the quilting ... you did an amazing job. Thanks for volunteering to practise. I wish your bloggers could see the actual quilting. I believe that no matter what you make you should be proud of it whether it is "perfect" or not ... because what is perfect in your eyes may not be perfect in someone else's eyes and vice versa. Thanks again for your blog ... it is a treat to read. jr from guelph

  7. Fantastic quilting! Did you try a new needle when the thread kept breaking?

  8. Your quilting looks great!

  9. Love your quilting Kathy...I have read that if you use these - Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers, it eliminmates thread breakages while quilting. Hope to get some of these myself, as I often have this problem when quilting. I found them while visiting Day Style Designs on line... I will visit again soon...thankyou for sharing you blog.