Sunday, July 19, 2009

Top 5 list

I have been thinking about prioritizing my UFOs since I read this blog post by Sue. I joined the UFO club at my guild several years ago and the first year I made a list of my top 10 UFO's which helped me to make a lot of progress. Setting a goal does seem to work for me, so I starting routing around in my closets and worked on generating a priority list. Mary made a suggestion in her comments on this blog post to start with a list of 5 projects so I don't feel overwhelmed...great idea Mary!
Here is the list of my top 5 projects I would like to quilt:
1. Quilted Garden - class project from Quilt Canada - basted and ready to quilt
Carolina Crossroads - needs a backing purchased
3. Double Delight - ready to go, backing already washed
Kaleidoscope - backing has been purchased but I can't find it!
5. Triangles - sew rows together: backing as been purchased but needs to be washed
Because my Double Delight seemed to be just waiting for me, I got out my basting pins and 
got to work on it. I never really know what kind of a quilting design I will make on a quilt until I actually start the quilting. I am like this with driving too (which makes my family a little frustrated on trips with me) and I just head out in the general direction of my destination and figure it out as I go along. On this quilt I know I will stabilize the quilt with stitch in the ditch around the blocks horizontally and vertically, and then I will quilt those long pink chains on the double 9 patch blocks. That decision helped me to know where to place the basting pins so I could do all of that quilting without removing any pins. And as I baste I will think about what else I might like to do with the quilting.
Any ideas?!?


Karen said...

Kathy, I'm so glad you asked about quilting ideas for DD. I'm stumped on mine too. Definitely the chain gets quilted. I can't wait to hear what others suggest and what you end up doing.


Quilt Rat said...

:-) That is exactly how I quilt as well. I never really know what I am going to stitch until it is on the machine, then I stitch what I feel. I tend to do a variety of stitches on each I would suggest that perhaps you so a little meandering in some spots, maybe a few feathers.......what is this quilt asking for? Do you have a particular stencil you love?

Rhonda said...

Kathy, wow. You have really given this some thought. Good for you. I'm afraid to even look for my UFOs...hehehehehehe
Best wishes & my fingers are crossed for you. Go for it!
About quilting.....I'm always undecided & confused when it comes to that part of it. Sorry I'm no help in that department.

Linda said...

Kathy, I too work on quilt designs as I pin and quilt. So far on my DD I have done a curlicue sort of star thingy (hard to describe but I got it out of a book and enlarged it to fit the block)in the main blocks and I am stitching through the chains. I might do feathers in the border and I have a grid in the setting triangles. So many other things have been moving to the top of the stack and I noticed DD the other day folded so the back showed and that gave me ideas for the rest of the quilting. So my new advice is "turn it over"
Your DD is very nice.

Greenmare said...

oh only 5 projects, maybe I should do that too.
thanks for the idea and yes ! I am back in sorts! ;-)

Libby said...

Just enjoy the process . . . . that always results in a beauty of a quilt *s*

YankeeQuilter said...

Love the colors in your DD! beautiful!

I have a fairly close all over pattern with lots of loopy flowers and feathers.

Darlene said...

Kathy, this is something I need to think long and hard about - great food for thought. I have a huge pile of flimsies to quilt - maybe I should pick out a handful and get started. Thanks, Kathy!

Rose Marie said...

Whenever I joined a challenge, stuff got done, done, done, done! I think picking 5 is a good idea and you have a good variety to work on! Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

SueR said...

This will be just gorgeous!