Thursday, July 09, 2009

The LONG Journey of a Quilter!

I have been working on compiling my  "top 10" list and am finding it a little (lot) discouraging. I intend to post my 10 quilts, complete with a description of the various stages of unfinishedness some time soon...once I find them all! Really, it is turning into an archeological dig!
I will admit right at the start of this list making that I am frustrated with myself for not making more progress particularly on my "Journey of a Quilter" project. I was mortified to see (courtesy of my blog documentation) that it is now 2 years since I first started these blocks! How on earth did that happen?!? 
Well...because I have been enjoying my life journey, I guess! I have been starting and finishing lots of other quilts and have been happily busy with nonquilting things, like my garden.

 Can I brag about my garden for a minute (to help bolster my lagging self esteem)?!? In spite of terrible weather here so far this summer, I have managed to grow some huge tomato plants.  I think the credit goes to their new sunny location, not just to my green thumb abilities and TLC. I am just hoping that these giant plants will actually produce little red tomatoes instead of lots of leafy green foliage!

And my roses are even pretty this year!
Okay, that's enough distraction...back to my quilting problem...I dug out my "Journey of a Quilter" project to get back on track with it,  because it is for sure on my top 10 list.

This week I finished the buttonhole stitching around the hearts and the hand embroidery on the scissors, the flowers and the words.
Which means that I am now officially 2/3 of the way finished...6 blocks down, 3 to go!! Then I pieced the 7th block and have everything ready to begin stitching should I find some free time when we are camping this summer. Now I feel much better...I am making progress on my quilt again. I sure don't want to spend another year with this one on the back burner!


Darlene said...

Ironically, Kathy, I found backing for my Journey of a Quilter project recently - it's been a flimsy for a long time now. I'm hoping to quilt it very soon.

Let me leave you with some encouragement to finish yours! :-)

Juliann said...

I have been thinking about my Leanne's House quilt that is in dire need of some attention. I have 8 or the 10 blocks done. Maybe now is the time to make my own list.


Hi Kathy--you sound just like me--with so many UFo's--of course I never call mine that--they are just quilt projects, that I need to get back to to finish and I will do that next week--I will have more time then???????? And now I am into the Internet and all the BOM clubs here--so I don't think I will count mine just now!!!! see ya soon , hugs, just, Di

sewnut said...

Gardening is also a creative endeaver, though not as long lasting as a quilt. Gardening however willnever become a UFO because the season that passes will take care of the plants for you without any efffort on your part.
Enjoy the roses!

Libby said...

Good luck on your journey. I've set aside several project that I would LOVE to get complete . . . so far not a stitch in a one of them *s* Your post encourages me to keep at it - we'll get them done, someday *sigh*

Judy D in WA said...

Kathy, you are being a little hard on yourself. I think we get so excited about the next project and have full intentions of getting right back to the other project...and on and on. :) I think I should make a top 10 list too...but not today, I'm going to play outside.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder ... mine has been tucked away far too long and needs some attention. I pulled it out a few minutes ago to take a look at my (lack of) progress. :D

Karen said...

Some journeys are longer than others.

chammer1 said...

Hi Kathy........
I just found your blog and am relatively new to this whole scene. But I love everything I see and the creativity others have. It inspires and humbles me to see the talents of others and the "gifts" they've been given.

The "Long Journey of a Quilter" you are working on instantly drew me to you. It's simply terrific, I love your color selections and the beautiful handwork. Is there a tutorial or some way to get the pattern for this?? I just love the handwork on it?? You can e-mail me and I look forward to your reply.

Thank you so much for sharing your talents and I look forward to following your blog as much as possible.

chammer1 said...

By the way, the color of your roses is absolutely gorgeous. I would refresh myself strolling through the flowers everyday if I could. I love gardening....can you tell???

Mary Johnson said...

Maybe you should narrow that down to the top 5 ... finish those and pick another 5.

I'm a little overwhelmed right now with all I have waiting to be finished too -- more HeartStrings tops than my own stuff though. The summer break was intended to create less stress but I'm not so sure it's been successful!

Leanne said...

I have finished 6 of the 9 blocks I really need to revisit it. Thanks for jogging my memory. If the foliage on our tomatoes is anything to go by you should be able to go into sauce production when they start producing tomatoes.