Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finishes on Vacation

I am camping with my extended family this week. Just stopping in to the Wi Fi centre to get my quilt blogging fix! Technology is such an amazing thing! Also,  I wanted to check the weather report to see if any rain is forecast before we make plans for the next few days...that's the story I gave my family and I'm sticking to it!
I am at my family's annual "PowWow" - my parents sleep at a hotel in town and come out to visit us at the provincial camp site during the day. My 3 siblings, their partners when willing and able, myself and the 10 children camp for a week. It's our family time when the cousins can reconnect and the siblings have some adult time visiting around the campfire late at night. It is a fun week but exhausting due to lack of sleep...kind of like a quilt retreat!
I have brought along some hand stitching of course and finished the bindings on these two basket mini quilts.  I posted these finished tops at the beginning of June (click here) and finally got them finished. I am not happy with how the bottom of the top basket looks on the left mini and I'll try to fix that with a marker when I'm home again.
Today I am working on hand stitching block #7 from my Journey of a Quilter project.
Oh yah...the weather report...tomorrow cloudy in the morning, chance of a storm in the afternoon. Okay then, off to the beach today.


Karen said...

We used to go camping. First in a tent and then a pop-up camper. How fun to do it with so many family members. Bound to be a fun week as long as you don't have rain.

Kit Lang said...

Nice to see another Canadian quilter. :) Happy (late) Canada Day! :D

I loved camping when I was kid - my older sister would take me sometimes to Alongquin Park. Loved it. :D