Saturday, July 25, 2009

Still quilting like crazy

My cousin is getting married and I had been thinking about what to get her for a gift, when I had a crazy thought: "Why don't I dig out a UFO and quilt it for her?" I thought about it on Monday night, took Tuesday to try to talk myself out of it, gave in, and started looking through my treasures. I found a quilt top, backing and batting right away so I was convinced that this was meant to be. I had dug a few UFO's out of the closets for a guild meeting in June and some of the guild members told me they liked this one and I should finish it.
 I admit that I thought the quilt top was a little boring, since it doesn't have the variety of fabrics that I like to use in my quilts now (increasingly so over the last 5 years). But I thought it would make a nice wedding gift, so I got to work.

But how to quilt it? Usually I put a quilt up on the design wall, think about it for a while, and do some sketching, but not this time. I pin basted and started quilting right time to lose! It's a wedding quilt, so of course I would quilt hearts...lots and lots of hearts.
I started with quilting long heart trails, which went across the quilt on the diagonal, the cream blocks with beige thread and the dark blocks with black thread. Then I decided to quilt a curving line back along the vine and make it look more like a ribbon and I liked it better. Then I quilted 4 hearts in the 4 patch block.  The 

quilting went along fine, but my wrists, hands and arms have been aching from all the quilting workout!
Did I get the quilt finished in time for the wedding?!?!
Stay tuned!


Jean said...

Very pretty, hearts are a good choice for a wedding quilt. When do we get to see the whole quilt?

Fiber Babble said...

You go, girl! You're definitely on a roll - rah! rah!

Andrea said...

I just bet you did it in time. One of these days I will branch out and do something other than stippling - my machine quilting is SO boring - lol !

Rhonda said...

This the perfect quilt and your quilting in fantastic. I love the hearts design. I know you'll get-her-done in time. Take care.

Quilt Rat said...

Your quilting looks wonderful and how clever of you to multi-task by getting in your upper body workout at the same time. :-)