Saturday, June 06, 2009

Prom Celebrations

I try not to post much personal content on my quilting blog, but I have to make an exception today since my quilting friends have been asking about how my daughter's high school prom went, and I thought I should give a few details. 
I loved the dress she bought, even though it cost more than my wedding dress!  (No...she absolutely did not want a quilted prom dress!)  This is her on the right with one of her good friends, who was born on the exact same day (in the same hospital) as my daughter, so they have always said they are birthday twins. I loved the beads and sequins on the waist band of her dress, and it was a beautiful colour on her. They had a fun time doing their nails and hair, and getting ready for the party together. They were very excited!
Here she is on the left with her friend (and prom date). She had a fantastic evening and was delighted with the whole prom experience.
I celebrated prom by attending a mystery quilt class, which I will write more about when I have time this week to work on that new UFO in progress!
I also spent part of yesterday at the guild Quilt Bee Day working on  comfort quilts. This is Judy and me. I am putting together blocks that other guild members had sewn. I am probably telling Judy that I am so relieved that my daughter has decided to attend a university close to home next year (she had been seriously considering attending Memorial in Newfoundland)! Today we are all feeling tired and happy!


Jean said...

Your daughter is beautiful...I think it is fine to post personal as well as quilty as that is what makes up our lives.

Gina said...

Your daughter looks so beautiful. You should be so proud of her.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Sweet P said...

Your daughter is beautiful! How cool to have a friend who has the same birthday as her!