Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

July 1st is "Canada Day"! Lots of celebrations will be held across the country, including parades, concerts, and fireworks.  At my house we'll be having a family BarBQ with lots of summertime salads. The weather forecast is for rain and more rain, so I guess we'll be celebrating indoors.
This is the mini quilt that will be hanging on my front door to celebrate Canada Day. I always wanted to have a special Canada Day quilt and now I do! The flag pattern is from Christine Thresh's website. If you go to her home page, then click on patterns, she has free foundation patterns for flags - one Canadian flag and three American flags. The Canadian flag pattern is 4 1/2" x 8 ".  Christine generously gave permission to our mini quilt group to make her flag pattern. Hey gals...have you finished your flag yet? Is it hanging in your home?!?
The flag was a little challenging for some of us (not mentioning any names!) and here is an interesting variation of paper piecing a right side to a wrong side...do not try this at home!! We had great giggles over this creatively pieced maple leaf!
The letters I put on the bottom of my flag are from Marcia Hohn's website - click here. I downsized them to about 1 1/4" and that was too small for me to enjoy the piecing process (and I really like paper piecing), but that was the right size to fit across the bottom of the flag. I re-did the 'D' letter 3 times! Marcia's patterns have the letters as 4" blocks and that would be way more fun but too big to go with my flag...I'd only be able to fit a 'CA' under it!
If you are home enjoying a relaxing Canada Day (or will be home on the 4th for the American celebrations) and want some fun quilty websurfing, check out this website for lots more free quilt patterns....enjoy!


Libby said...

The perfect quilt for your celebration. Happy Canada Day!

Jeanette said...

Thanks! I've been wanting a pattern for a canadian flag. I just printed it out. Happy Canada Day!

Jean said...

Happy Canada Day, Kathy! Very cute little quilt.

Rhonda said...

I know you'll have a great and perfect celebration!
Take care.

Karen said...

Love your Canada Day quilt! I should make one for next year.

Happy Canada Day!

Becky said...

Thanks for directing us to the site with the flag patterns! I love the idea of putting a mini-quilt on my door.

Happy Canada Day!