Thursday, March 12, 2009

Retreat Projects Report #4

I think I am almost done posting about my quilting retreat projects! This is the new quilt kit I cut out to start sewing at retreat (it's no fun to just work on UFO's!!).
These fabrics are old (5+ years percolating) batiks from my stash. I just love the look of all these pieces cut out and ready to start sewing for a mistakes made yet, no realization that your colours choices are horrendous, or that you don't like the pattern!! Just hours of happy sewing ahead and the potential for a great quilt!
I wanted to use the pattern called "Buzz Saw" that I saw posted on the Happy Valley Quilter blog almost 2 years ago. I printed out the fabric cutting info but not the sewing instructions thinking a)I was saving paper and computer ink and 2) I'm sure I can figure it out. So when I pulled out the project to work on at retreat, I couldn't figure it out!!
I asked one of our retreaters who went home to sleep if she could check on her computer when she went home. The next day she reported that the block looked right, and we figured out that I had cut all the light rectangles in where for them to go in the block. So this is the Buzz Saw block and I had cut enough for 20 blocks. Since coming back from retreat I have sewn the blocks together and am thinking about using the mistakenly cut rectangles for an inner border. I think it needs another border after that...any suggestions?!?!


  1. You're making that for me, yes?. LOl
    I love the quilt and the batiks you are using. I'm sorry but it has my name written all over it.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. I am confused by what you did wrong, but looks like you did much more right...this is beautiful.. I love the tessellation quilts. Your pinks shine on that bed of blues & greens too. If you add a blue/green border (if I am understaning correctly), it would look like the the pinks were floating, which would be very pretty...I will be anxious to see what you do...decisions...decisions....

  3. Kathy, Thanks for visiting! Your quilt is beautiful - if it is big enough, I would just bind it in the pinky/red - no borders - it is all saying enough, just perfect!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. Kathy -- these are beautiful together. Could I have your scraps??? I have a new pattern that the pinks would look great in. I think I'll look at my hand dyes for this new tulip pattern. Thanks for sharing.

  5. oh I totally love it just like it is!!! it moves AND dances!!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog, it's nice to "meet" you. :-)
    I love that quilt and had to laugh because it is on my project list for my May retreat. Only I am making mine scrappy. Yours turned out fabulous. I love the colors. Now I must read more of your posts.

  7. I love the colors in your buzsaw! I am not a batik person but yours looks so bubblicious!

  8. This is really lovely! Would you happen to recall how much fabric you used and/or the number of squares you cut to make this?