Monday, March 30, 2009

Birds are back

It was snowing a bit this morning, but that did not deterred the robins from returning over the weekend. We are always so happy to see them and when they appear we start to feel hopeful that the long winter is finally over. Here is a mama robin looking for some worms, and the grass is even starting to turn green from the increasing sun!
For some relaxing sewing since finishing my Double Delight mystery top, I have been working on birds of another kind...flying geese! You can see the beginnings of this project here. I have been working on the half square triangle blocks for about a month. I sewed the HST together and trimmed them all, then layed them on the table and tried to find a mate for each of them. Some of the good matches are on the left of the photo, by the sewing machine ready to be sewn into a flying geese block. The other matches aren't permanent yet...waiting to see if another more suitable match comes along. I have had a lot of fun entertaining myself with thoughts of what makes a good match, what happens if you're too "interesting"/unique and can't find someone similar, should I just pick any similar block, or wait for the "right one" to come along??
Here are my growing piles of finished flying geese blocks that have been suitably matched together. What great fun I have had from Liz's bag of scraps!


  1. Oh you matchmaker you!!
    I am glad your robins are back. Our grass is not only green, I have had to cut it twice in two weeks! Plus everything is covered with that greenish-yellow pollen at the moment.

  2. Your bloglift looks great!! the banner is very pretty and my favorite color-green! Can't wait to see your geese once they all land in place.

  3. That robin looks a bit plump, too. :-) What fun playing with the fabrics. Your geese pile is really growing. Love your new look.

  4. This project is going to be great Kathy!

  5. Love those flying geese blocks! Yummy colors!