Sunday, February 01, 2009

More Trees on the Table

Thank you for all your votes on my mystery quilt layout...I was
overwhelmed by all the response! Thank you for taking the time to consider your preference. Of the on pointe choices, the preference was the brown floral (B). The votes on the straight layouts (C and D) was fairly even. And the overall winner was B. I tried to layout the blocks again today and realized that I unintentionally had layed out all the blocks backwards to Bonnie's layout! She has the "flower" blocks on the outside and I put the 9 patch on the outside! I guess I must prefer it that way...I did every layout option that way. The only problem is to do that layout, I need about 10 or 12 more 9 patch blocks. I absolutely do not like the flower blocks on the ouside against the brown setting triangles, so now I have to calculate if I have enough fabric to make more 9 patches for layout B. Stay tuned to see how it all works out!!
I forgot to post the quilts that the mini quilters brought to class last week. In December we made the Trees on the Table pattern from Marcie at Patchalot Patterns. Thanks again to Marcie for sharing this design with us. You can see the plaid one that I made for my nieces here. It was such a fun project to make and resulted in these fabulous little quilts!
The quality of these photos is not very good and I apologize for that because the detail of the quilting and embellishments in these quilts are really fun.
I will have to play around with my settings again. I had the camera set for photographing icicles instead of quilts! Here is my neighbours house...see how wonderful the icicles are! Sometimes the eavestroughs fall down because of the weight of the ice. Having some fun in this winter wonderland!


Gina said...

Great quilts

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Greenmare said...

I bet that was a fun class with all the different tree ideas! I love your quilt no matter which setting you use, the colors are very pretty and make me long for spring.

Jean said...

Very cute tree tabletoppers. I missed voting yesterday, but like how your blocks turned out and think that it will look nice no matter what!

Tanya said...

What cute little tree quilts! I'd like to make one for next Christmas!

MARCIE said...

Look at those icicles!!! Wow! All the little trees turned out darling. Thanks for showing them to us.