Friday, February 20, 2009

Scrappy fabric gifts

I am such a lucky duck! I have quilting friends that give me scraps leftover from their projects. Most quilters don't like to throw out scraps, but some people also don't enjoy making miniature quilts, so what to do with the small pieces?? Give them to Kathy...she loves fabric gifts! Here are 2 bags of batik scraps I received from my friend Judy. They are going to be sewn into a paper pieced quilt that I plan to make for our guild quilt show in the fall.
And here is a bag of scraps that Liz gave me at guild meeting. Last year she made a flying geese quilt and these are some of the cut off corners that some people would probably throw in the garbage. But I love them and have already started sewing some of them together. It is wonderful mindless sewing for late at night when I can't sleep. Because of the way the pieces were cut off, there is a little light corner on each dark triangle which I don't like. It will make the seam joins quite thick. So I am going to rip those corners off (where are all my seam rippers???!) and then sew the HST's. So truthfully, this is probably the beginning of another UFO!!
Do you have quilting friends that give you scraps and make you have more UFO's?!? LOL!


  1. Kathy, why didn't you say someething sooner about the scraps......I have TONS and would love to get rid of them....."E" your address and I'll gladly get them to you.....REALLY!!!!!
    Take care.

  2. I have strings and strings of those HST's sewn together. I need to cut and square them up so I can use them in a border or a whole scrappy quilt project. My quilt buddy gave me a bunch when we did our WASIQ Hatchet block swap so they all have the same kona white on one side. I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes those cut-off triangles...

  3. We need some one like you over her Kathy....

  4. I love finding ways to use up all the leftover pieces . . . . and sometimes that gets me into trouble. I spent so much time using up the leftovers, I don't have time to play with the new stuff *s*