Monday, February 16, 2009

Michigan Road Trip

I am back from a whirlwind trip to Michigan. I had a quick visit with my sister and her family in Troy and then drove up to Saginaw for a serendipity visit with Jeanne from the Luv to Stitch blog. I emailed her at the last minute when I realized I would be driving very close to her favorite quilting store. And guess what?!? She was available for shopping and lunch! It was very exciting to meet her and see her store The Quilted Cottage (well, not "her" store, but you know what I mean!). Jeanne is a veteran blogger and she has met a lot of quilters from cyberspace, but this is the first time I have ever met a quiltblogger in real life. Thanks again Jeanne!
Then I headed north to Mt. Pleasant to visit my friend Michelle who is recovering from her second mastectomy. One of the fun things about visiting a friend who is a quilter is being able to sleep under her quilts. This is a quilt that Michelle's Mom made and I took a close up shot so you could see all the gorgeous hand quilting. It was a well loved quilt and very soft and snuggly to sleep under.
And I wanted to show you this quilt that Michelle's friends just made for her to snuggle up with while she works through her surgeries and cancer treatments this year. It is a bright and happy lap quilt, and on the back of the quilt are appliqued hearts with hand written messages of love and inspiration from her friends.
And this is one of the main reasons I went to Michigan...not that I don't love my friend, but I am totally in love with her miracle baby! I was the Valentine's date babysitter and had a great time snuggling and playing with and reading to this perfect little person. Here is baby Laura sleeping with the quilt I made for her before she was born. (You can read about it here.)


Jean said...

What a wonderful trip you had. Chatting, quilting and babies...what else could be better?

Gina said...

What a great trip you had.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Libby said...

Babies, quilt shops and friends - a perfect trip *s*

Jeanne said...

Hey, Kathy! I just received your last seven posts together. Wonder what the deal is with Bloglines? I'm glad you enjoyed your trip, including your stop in my area. The baby is so precious. I would have volunteered, too.