Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wacky Pac Wannabee

Woohoo! I did it! I'm an official "Wacky Pac Wannabee"!! Thanks to Rhonda and Molly for your help on getting the button posted...see, I knew I could figure it out! And if you click on it, it even links to the blog site...woohoo! This is a technological triumph for me with this old computer equipment and this old brain. I have admired these Texas gals for a long time, reading all their blogs and seeing what they are up to. I must admit to being jealous of their wonderful retreats and how much fun they have together. Wacky quilter Kathy gave me an award on her blog this week....the butterfly award for having a cool blog. Click here to read about it and see the other blogs she has listed!
Hey, look at that, I got the butterfly photo to pop onto my blog too...I am amazing myself today!
Anyway, I am now an honourary Wacky in the virtual world and I really shouldn't be jealous of all their fun, when I have so much fun with my own guild here, right?!?! Here is a group photo from Sylvia's class yesterday. We did have a
great day together and we are all going to bring our finished houses to the next guild meeting...right gals?!?!?!
And I am going on retreat with some of my guild peeps in February, so that's not long to wait. I promise not to take too many unflattering photos this year!!


Rhonda said...

Hi Kathy, I knew you could do it. It looks like your group had fun and got lots of things done. Take care and have a great week.

Jean said...

I really like these houses, looks like you had a great time!