Monday, November 03, 2008


The elephant is quilted!
I did some feather quilting on all the blue borders and around the outside
And now onto the binding....yippee! I am using up all my scraps leftover from piecing the top, and thank my Stashbusters group for all the great ideas I have learned about using up scraps.
I love binding a quilt!
Here are the top 3 reasons why I love it...
1. the quilt is almost finished
2. the quilt is almost finished and
3. I am almost finished this quilt!!!
In 1996 on a quilt I made for my Mom, I tacked the binding by machine, but didn't like how it looked. Ever since then I sew it down by machine on the top, and then hand stitch it on the back.
Here are the fabrics I am using up in this binding. Happy binding dance!!!
How about you enjoy the binding part of quiltmaking???

Kitten update
...for those who have emailed me about the baby kittens in this post...they are all doing exceptionally well, even the littlest one! On Monday they moved out of the vets' office and are on their way to the families who applied to adopt them. My daughter is delighted and takes full credit (even though she didn't do a single night feeding!!!).


Libby said...

Binding is my FAVORITE part! Of course it signals that the quilt is nearly complete, but I love that bit of hand work.

Julie said...

I'm so glad the little kitties are thriving.
I do binding the same way you do. Machine sew onto the front, flip over and hand sew to the back.

Jean said...

It is so exciting to finish a project. Your quilting looks great! I like to make scrappy is a great way to use up leftover fabrics and matches the quilt really well!

Gina said...

I do the binding the same way as you aswell. I wouldn't say it is my favourite part of quilting but I don't dread it

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Andrea said...

I LOVE binding - I could sit and do it all day really. Well done on another finish.

Greenmare said...

I do enjoy binding. I have only done a few all machine bindings in my quilting years. once in a while it just must be done for the sake of speed, but I prefer to hand sew the back down also.

Bonnie said...

Binding... not bad for small quilts. For queen size quilts--No! I do wish I would get at least one quilt to the binding stage soon. I have started way too many quilts recently and this week I'm starting two! Oh well. Tops take up less room to store. That's my story and I am sticking to it!! B.

KyQuiltlady said...

I love doing bindings! I usually cut the binding before I quilt the quilt and get it ready so I can immediately sew it on and get started hand sewing it down. I do a lot of bias bindings with strips. I like them really well. You did a tremendous job with the elephant quilt.