Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Don't know whether I'm coming or going!

Did you ever have one of those days where you think your brain must be completely gone, emptied out, and short-circuited?? I just discovered that I have double booked myself - to teach a class and to take a class at the same time, on the same day!
But not only did I do this once, but twice! My schedule, with 2 social work jobs and 2 busy kids and teaching quilting classes in 3 places, does require a lot of organization but I can't ever remember doing things like this before!
So I'm thinking it must be menopause (or "mental-pause" as I have heard it called)! Oh my!
Anyway, I do know that this Saturday I am teaching a class called "Mini Strippers" at Triangle Sewing. For sure. No double booking for this Saturday!!
These are some of my samples for this class that are hanging at the store. This method is a combination of quick strip piecing (which I learned many years ago using Eleanor Burns' methods) mixed with components of accurate paper piecing .
I taught the quilt hanging on the bottom of the string of quilts last fall and these are the amazing quilts made by the quilters in that class. I looked at my blog entries from last fall and couldn't see this photo posted. Don't know why? Was the mental-pause starting way back last year?!?!?
Anyway, there is still room in the class and time to sign up, so come join us if you want to lift your dull, dreary, November spirits with a fun quilting class! Hopefully my brain will back in gear by then and I'll remember where I am supposed to be!!!


Gina said...

Love the quilts. Wished I lived closer so I could come to your class.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Libby said...

Love those zigzag quilts - the design reminds me of the afghans my mom used to crochet *s*

Jean said...

Your class sounds like fun. Your quilts are all beautiful. I especially like the red one. Your students' quilts are nice too.

It is fun teaching classes. I teach also, but only in one place, so not so confusing. I have more problems keeping up with thinking up new ideas and making the models...there is only so much time in the day.

So what class will you be missing while you teach?

Quilter Kathy said...

I decided to switch my teaching date so I can take the class I registered for with Sylvia Naylor - this is her website
I am taking the house class that she wrote about in the Quilting Arts magazine this month-

Lynn E said...

Nice quilts, glad to hear you picked something for yourself to do/learn/create. Oh and I totally get the Mental Pause. I actually liken my brain to a colander because the more stuff I put in the more stuff drains out.